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FrostRosesBulbsEpidendrumChrysanthemumsCamellias & AzaleasFuchsiasHibiscusShrubs and HedgesAsparagus Fern, Cannas, Ginger & IvyPermanent Trees & BushesDeciduous Fruit TreesKiwi VinesTomatoes and Vegetables Keeping a garden journal and your eye on the weather will help you anticipate when to prune or move tender plants from under the eaves or back...
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Fertilize & Disease Control

Insect Pests and BeneficialsCool-Season FlowersCyclamenEnglish PrimrosesBulbsWater LilyEpiphyllumsCitrus TreesPermanent PlantsAvocado TreesWarm- and Cool-Season LawnsRosesLettuce Insect pests can disfigure, weaken and possibly kill even some of our most drought-resistant trees and bushes. Examine foliage to look for juniper tip and cypress tip moths' ΒΌ" silver-white cocoons. If...
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Finding a Leak In Your Pond

The primary function of any pond is to hold water. Leak checks are a vital part of any start up. For a still pond the obvious question is “Does it hold water?” If so then everything is set to go. If it doesn’t, then it…